House Sit Solutions - House and Pet Sitters
These are our principals:
1.     We charge a competitive fee for our services and offer services we believe are not offer elsewhere. Our primary added value is to give their pet the opportunity to live in the comfort of its own home while the pet owners are away. We stay while you're away.
2.     All house sit bookings are centralized through House Sit Solutions and can be forwarded by email to or entry on the website contact us page.
3.     House Sit Solutions house-sitters consider themselves "guests" in the home-owners premises and do not take over more space than is required. Home-owners are usually very kind and often invite house-sitters to make themselves at home, and help themselves to the (food, wine, supplies, etc.) ... but we do not take advantage of this kindness. We provide our own food, wine and other consumable i.e. washing powder, toilet paper, etc., or at least will always replace everything we may use that was already there.
4.     House Sit Solutions provide a professional service to the home-owners and try to run things like a personal business, not just a rent free opportunity
5.     The home-owner pets are the first priority!!! Most home-owners are less worried about the home than they are about their pets. If house-sitters are looking after your pet, they are expected to be home to keep the pet company, stick to their regular eating and exercising routines and allow your pet to live in their own home the same way they do with the home-owners. For example, if they let their pet sleep on the bed, so should the house-sitter. If this is a problem for the house-sitter, then this needs to brought out up front with the home-owners.
6.     House-sitters offer to bring our own linens and towels. On the initial interview, they will discuss with the home-owner where they are to sleep and ensure enough space is provided for house-sitter personal belongings.
7.     At House Sit Solutions we use a questionnaire to set expectation and understanding of what the responsibilities are for each house sit as they are all a bit different. 

8.     If the house-sitters are a very busy social person, then perhaps pet sitting is not suited for them unless it is for low maintenance pets i.e. rabbits, fish, etc. The availability of the house-sitter is also discussed during the initial interview and Questionnaire process.
9.     The house-sitter team look after each other and can't be fussy about where they house sit ... House Sit Solutions manages the schedule with an objective to fill the house-sitters calendar with appropriate bookings.
10.  The home-owners are House Sit Solutions clients. If the house sitters have their own clients House Sit Solutions will respect that and happy to manage them through the booking services i.e. if the house-sitter isn't available and would like to recommend another from our team.
11.  If after a house sit the home-owner contacts a house-sitter directly to make further bookings, they should refer them to contact House Sit Solutions in all cases for any bookings.
12.  House Sit Solutions house-sitters do not smoke and ensure that even if we have friends that visit, they too do not smoke around the pets or at the home-owners premises.
13.  House Sit Solutions house-sitters will always discuss with the home-owner if their guests are welcome to visit, and limit the number of guests they entertain and absolutely NO SLEEP OVER visitors (unless organised ahead with House Sit Solutions and the home-owners)
14.  For first time house sits, the home-owner and house-sitter will need to make themselves available for an interview. This is beneficial for both in order to decide and agree to proceed. This is best done at the home-owner location in order to meet them and their pets and to confirm the home is suitable for house-sitter occupation.
15.  House-sitters will need to organise their own transportation. The home-owner needs to organise parking if there is no off-street parking available and parking restrictions are in place. This is a point of discussion and sometimes a reason why not all  house sits are for all house-sitters.
16.  House-sitters need to keep House Sit Solutions informed of their availability so schedules can be kept updated. This is primarily done by email so a record can be kept and can be referred back to. House Sit Solutions can also (and have invited) house-sitters to share the calendar with their email account.
17.  All fees will be deposited to the House Sit Solutions Pty Ltd account at BSB 062-151 Account 1035 4887. There is no money exchanged between home-owner and house sitter.
18.  While the home-owners are away, keep the house tidy ... they could come home unexpectedly or have family dropping by.This is especially important when home-owners travel overseas and often forget to account for the travel across the international date line. We have been surprised more than once with home-owners arriving home a day or two early and later than expected.
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